Social Autobot Review

So decided I would give Social Autobots a quick run, pre-launch.  I use Facebook and Instagram quite a bit and found it to be an extremely useful tool.  It was a bit finicky at first but after a few emails back and forth with Luke and his support team and a better understanding of the software it became much easier to use.

There were a few teething problems during the first week or so but I have found that is pretty much the norm with new software.  One thing that did stand out though was the level of support which I found to be A+.  Luke himself handled most of the issues resting only for a few hours early in the morning, and he also had a support team working 24/7 handling any issues people had.  Quite a lot of issues were found to be as a result of users not following the correct instructions.  Looking forward to exploring the software in much greater detail over the next few weeks.